Stress, essays, and site plans

Well, my stress is a little relieved, I’ve not been very well, and I was told 2 weeks ago that I had an exam and an essay coming up, so that did not help. However, I did the exam and feel I did well, and I did my essay yesterday, I spent 30 minutes on it, and told that it was good enough to easily get into the highest band of marks, which shocked me. It was a controlled essay, so it was one that was written in the class in exam like conditions, and you know what you’re doing a few weeks in advance, so you can write up first draft. However, now that that is all out of the way, and been told I would get high marks for something I didn’t spend too long on due to illness, my stress has gone down.

The essay was about Macbeth, we had to write about how Shakespeare uses languages to show us Macbeth’s state of mind, and the decisions he makes. We talked about his use of pronouns, metaphors, monosyllabic words, etc. Weight off my mind now. Macbeth is one of those things every English class uses.

I plan to do a few things with this site and my other ones, hopefully this week I can do some. Now I don’t have so much stuff to worry over, I plan to get back to reading again. Getting back to reading will be something to look forward to, since I stopped for a while, while I was stressed and was sick.


Books, visual novels, and insomnia

I want to read again! Although the essays are draining. I’ve barely had time to read the visual novels, but my insomnia is keeping me up to 3 AM. So what to do with the extra time then? Use it to read, but the visual novels are easier to read, and shorter too, so it fits my time.

I have been planning a Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings play through, hopefully, I can show you them soon. I plan on doing a lot of videos and writings soon.

The visual novel I played was “High School Romance”, in which you play as “Shoji” a male who gets enrolled in an all female school. You have to pretend to be a female, and you have 3 romantic interests; Lea, the young principal; Selina, your classmate, who is hyperactive, and enthusiastic; and Hoshi, your classmate, who is nerdy, smart, and shy. The game is short, about 4 hours long to unlock everything. You get several choices which make you choose between 1 of the 3, while you might feel bad choosing 1 over the other, you know what 1 to choose for what character you want to go out with.

Do you think I should review the visual novel, and how do you deal with insomnia?

Stop worrying and pushing myself

A week ago I did a presentation in front of my class, with a friend.

This is something I never thought I would do.

It’s strange how I came to go up and perform. I am usually shy, I’ve never liked going up and putting myself in the spotlight. I like to keep quiet and not draw too much attention to myself, I know a lot of people who are the same.

It’s just anxiety, I’d panic and not know what to say. I think it’s the fear of embarrassing myself, of doing something stupid and not being able to take it back. I could be pressure, maybe it’s the want to be liked, or maybe it’s my perfectionist nature that wants what I do to be perfect.

I decided that this year, I’ll do more daring things. Things I would not normally do, if I got the option to do a live performance, or if I had to record it (which is what all the class did apart from me and my friend), then I would choose to do it live.

I thought I’d be nervous, but just the fact I’d resolved to do it in the first place took a lot of the pressure off. I just got up and did it. This in itself was new to me, being in front of people and not feeling nervous, but without the nervousness there, I was enjoying myself, having fun. Not only was I up there performing, but I was having fun. This proved a lot to me, that not only can I do things I thought I never could, if I try, but also have fun doing them.

All I did was go up there and just saying to myself, “I am here now and I’m going to give it my best and just that”, all I could do was give it my best, and not worry about it. I decided, who cares if I mess up? Who cares if I come off as stupid? Who cares if I don’t do well? Realising this made me confident enough to go and stand up in front of my class. It’s also given me confidence in other things too, confidence that I know I can do things like that if I try, and I don’t worry.

The next time you feel like you can’t do something, just say “I’m going to do it”, just get up and do it, and try. Don’t worry about anything else. You can read what we performed here.

Macbeth, Harry Potter, and lots of things

So, in English, we had to do a speaking improvisation task.

The task was to do an interview with Macbeth in a chat show. Carlos and I decided to work together, so first things first, we flipped a coin, heads for Macbeth, tails for the interviewer, I got heads, meaning I was Macbeth.

Next issue was what we needed to do, we had to question Macbeth up to the point where he kills Duncan, and we had to figure out some improvisation for it. You could either record yourself using a video, or do it live, in the end, we were thinking about it and never recorded anything, so we just did it live. The only ones in the class to do so. So while it’s improvisation we get a little leeway with it. So we quickly thought out a couple of scenarios, and since I was talking about Hell, due to me reading The Devine Comedy, we decided on the chat show being in Hell, and the interviewer is the Devil, deciding where Macbeth should be placed in Hell. We thought of questions like, “Why did you kill your beloved king?”, “Why did you believe the witches prophecy?”, and “So it was just ambition?”, etc.

The answers which I wrote down were very basic, like, “I feel guilty”, “I believed when because a prediction came true”, and “It was ambition”, etc. When we did it live, we would make it longer, word it differently, etc.

So after the break, we went up to the front of the class, and I sat down while Carlos stood up. As he was getting ready, he looked a little nervous, but he was just trying to remember some of the questions, clear his throat, get his nerves together. I took up my drink and bag of sweets, some Fruit Pastels, and offered him some at the start and throughout the presentation. When he was quickly trying to think of a new question I just went “Sweet?”, and he was like “Yes, the Devil needs a sugar rush”.

As the Devil grilled me about my decisions on why I’d killed my king, it was a pretty straight forward answer, however, the rest of it was played pure improv. Carlos’ little bit of inspired awesomeness happened when he asked me why I believed the witches prophecy was true, and I answered, he walked behind 3 of the female classmates and said, “We have the 3 witches here tonight”, at which I started laughing as the look on their faces said “You cheeky sod”. I called them “Stupid cryptic witches” for their vagueness. Carlos said “You betrayed and killed your king, who was like a God to you”, a thought struck me at that point, to which I said aloud “The irony of you talking about betraying God is staggering, was it not the very same thing that landed me here, the reason you’re here too? Maybe if we were more humble and less prideful, we’d both be in a better situation now, wouldn’t we?”, Carlos was going to our audience, “The nerve of this guy! Trying to upstart my show! You won’t get away with that here!”

When we came to Lady Macbeth, I said that since she talked me into it after I talked myself out of it that “As typical of a man, I’ll blame my wife”, when I looked around and noticed that Carlos and I were the only males in the room, to which I added “Pretty daring since we’re the only males in a room full of females”, which got a good laugh. Carlos went around to another classmate and put his arms around here and said “You’re poor wife, she killed herself and fell right into my arms… now, are we ready to pass judgement on this man?”, to which I replied “Pass! I am a cool guy, I- wait a minute, your arms!? You cheating git!”, as I noticed what he just said, and I got “A one-way ticket to Hell, for that”, and it ended with me being thrown into Hell.

I used to be shy, so I never liked going up on stage, whether it was just to stand there with the class, or have to read, or act, or give a presentation or anything. This year I wanted to be braver. I knew from the start of October that I would need to stand and speak. So I thought, I’m going to do it, and it wasn’t that bad I thought. I feel more confident now because I just went and did it, it was good. So I feel like I’m going to do more things now that I wouldn’t have done before, just get up and do them, because I feel like I’m gained something out of that. I have learned that sometimes, things are only as bad as you make them out to be.

As for everything else, I’m writing some Harry Potter reviews, and I will be posting them when I have something special. I keep a backlog of reviews in case I fall sick. With the Potter films I wanted to do something special to go along with them, so it might take a little bit for them to come out.

I’m also trying to record some games for my channel. As I just watched the Harry Potter films, I am thinking of playing the games, from “The Philosopher’s Stone” to “The Deathly Hallows Part 2”. I’ll be posting updates later.

Books, stress, and Harry Potter

It’s over, we’ve watched them. All Harry Potter movies, in 8 days, 1 movie a night. My brother likes them, he’s glad he saw them, and I’m glad I got him into it.

I’ve been working on a lot of things, essays for class, writing reviews for the site, and other things. Busy. I’m hoping to show you guys something cool soon.

Overloading is the problem, I watch a movie a day to review, then I need to work on my essays for class, and exams coming, also the recordings I do with my friends and other things. I seem to create stress on myself. I’ve got to learn to pace myself, but I want to do a lot of things. Have you ever had that? Wanting to do so much and try it all only to overload yourself too much?

I’ll be planning to get myself a good schedule, and once class is over I won’t have to worry about that. So, I hope to get a lot done in the remaining days of February. I want to get some of my writings done. I’m looking forward to reading again too. Feels like forever.

Harry Potter films

Now we are on the Half-blood prince. Only 2 more to go.

My brother wanted to watch the series, but was uncommitted to it, so I managed to convince him it’s awesome and he is enjoying them. I’ve no idea why some people dismiss things easily, maybe because it’s seen as uncool. At school, it was uncool to like certain things, Harry Potter was one of them. We have been watching one a night, so we should be done this Monday. I have noticed some things about the films, they sometimes leave important and/or interesting stuff out.

My reading has been slow, but I’ll be speeding up soon, when I sort stuff out. Been busy with lots of other things, exams, essays, movie reviews, writing, and games.

I’ll be reading more soon.

Hope you are all well.

Books, Harry Potter, and fanfiction

Review for today: Escape from New York. Check out the movie reviews in the links. Links will open in a new tab.

Reading, reading, reading.

I’ve been re-watching the Harry Potter movies, I’ve forgotten how good they are, I should re-read them again. I forgot how good the series is.

I’ve been wondering about fanfiction and what constitutes as it. I’m a big fan of Doctor Who, and have read some Doctor Who novels. However if I write a novel using Doctor Who then it counts as fanfiction, however if I get it published, it’s no longer counted as fanfiction. So if I write it as a fan, and then get it published, would it be count as fanfiction, published fanfiction, or just a published novel? When does fanfiction become non-fanfiction fiction… fanfiction fiction… non-fanfiction by a fan of the fiction… what would you call it? I wanted to write some Doctor Who stories, but I was wondering on whether or not if I was writing for a published novel I’d count as non-fanfiction. What’d you think and why?

Books and movies

Reviews: Animal House and Dirty Harry. Check out the movie reviews in the links. Links will open in a new tab.

I’ve realised, I’ve way too much content… I mean, I knew I had a lot to get through… but it’s just dawned on me how there is not enough time in the day to do all these things. It’s not that I won’t get through them, but I wish I had more time. Lately, I’ve been feeling so sleepy, why? I seem to find no reason for it, I expect you’ve all had days when you’ve wanted to read or play a game and all of a sudden… BAM! A wild Jigglypuff appears… it uses Sing. It’s super effective. ZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

Wait, what? Why can’t I just read when I can keep my eyes open, and not read a whole page only to start semi-sleeping and realise that not a single things I’ve read stuck with me? I’ve just read a whole page and I have no idea what it said. The strangest thing about this? I’m an insomniac! I go days without sleeping, now it’s like all the sleep I’ve missed out on is catching up and going “Oh, no you don’t get away that easy” and punch me in the gut.

Anyone else get that? Just a sudden wave of tiredness washes over you when you want to do something? I need some form of “Wake the hell up”. Anyone have any tips for not feeling so tired? Aside from sleep, which is most likely what I’ll do now.

Recent reads


Pages 101 – 115

Not a lot has happened in these pages, so I’d thought I’d just like to say I actually did make progress… even if it was just 14 pages.


More Dune sci-fi action ahead

Review for today: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

A day of watching movies for my reviews, and reading a little. It’s amazing how many distractions you can get when you have a family who constantly needs help with computer problems, game problems, always wanting you to do something or just disturbing you for no reason, like my brother. It’s fair to say, with 100% accuracy, that I can not, repeat, not, with all the audio I can muster, NOT, watch a chapter, watch a movie, play a game without at least 1 interruption for one reason or another. The day I get through a movie without having to pause it because someone needs me is the day no other human on Earth exists. Well anyway, what can you do… apart from go to the moon? There’s no Internet there, I checked.

No one else existing would be bad, because for 1, I’d go crazy, and 2, no one would be around to read this.

Recent Reads


Pages 85 – 101

We are learning more about Arrakis, the spice, and how it’s made. We get a look at the details of certain cultures, and characters. It’s growing in scale. Hopefully we will learn more about all these people and cultures.

Books and missed days

Reviews: Mad Max: Fury Road, and The Lady Vanishes

If you like movies, check out, where I review movies, shows, books, and more.

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later… little sooner more than later than I’d thought, but, what can you do?

So what do you do when you miss a day? You read twice as much, that’s what. Or try to. A Lot of movies to watch for my site.

Lots of books to read too, way to many. Getting through them though. That’s what this site is all about right? Let’s get reading. Well, I’m reading anyway, leaving all the work to me, you lazy… anyway.

Recent Reads


Pages 51 – 85

The plot thickens as assassinations are attempted, plot details are revealed, and characters are developed more. Is it just me though, or is Paul a little too perfect at the moment? He seems to be heading the route of a character with no flaws; he learns things quickly, he is incredibly smart, talented, can tell peoples emotions from their slightest inflections, they can even tell if they are lying. The book is getting better, and I’m liking the characters, hopefully Paul will become a little bit more developed.